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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A science teacher at a Denver middle school wants to take her students on a field trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. She plans the trip for 90 students across 4 classes, needing transportation for the 30 minute drive into downtown Denver. She decides to get charter bus rentals in Denver to provide a comfortable ride for the students. After getting quotes, she books two 47-passenger charter buses at a rate of $140 per hour each. She needs the buses from 9am-3pm, totaling 6 hours. Her total quote for the Denver charter bus rentals comes to $1,680. With the buses holding 94 passengers total, it comes out to only $18 per student roundtrip. She tips 10% for providing great service, adding $168 to the total cost. The charter buses allow the students to travel together as a group and make the field trip possible.

Example #2

A tech company in Denver wants to host an offsite team building event for 75 employees at the Rocky Mountain National Park. To make transportation easy, they decide to rent a charter bus. After getting quotes, they choose a 56 passenger charter bus for a day rate of $1,650. This covers pickup from their office at 8am, the 90 minute drive to the park, and return by 5pm. With 75 attendees, each person’s share of the charter bus cost is only $22. The tech company views this as a worthwhile investment to have reliable transportation with restrooms, A/C, and TVs. It allows everyone to travel together and network during the commute. They don’t have to worry about parking or driving directions. The charter bus team handles everything smoothly. At the end of the day, the organizers tip 10% for excellent service. Their total charter bus rental cost comes to $1,815. Considering the convenience, it is very reasonably priced.

Example #3:

A high school football team in Denver is headed to the state championship game in Boulder. The game starts at 7 PM on a Friday night, so the coaches want to get the players there a few hours early to warm up and get focused. They decide to book a 56 passenger charter bus to transport the team, coaches, cheerleaders and band members – a total of 65 people. The charter bus company quotes them $950 to pick the group up at the high school at 3 PM, drive them to Boulder for the game, stay for the duration, and then drive them back to Denver afterwards. The quote is based on a minimum of 5 hours to account for traffic and timing flexibility. With 65 passengers splitting the cost, it comes out to around $15 per person. The coaches add an 18% tip, bringing their total to $1,121. The charter bus provides a comfortable, reliable way for them to travel together and focus on the big game.

Example #4:

A local Denver church group is organizing a day trip to the mountains. They expect around 35 people to join, so they request a quote for a 38 passenger charter bus for the excursion. The group plans to leave Denver at 8am on a Saturday morning and return by 6pm the same day. For this 10 hour charter, the total quote comes out to $950. This covers the cost of the vehicle, team, fuel, and taxes. It breaks down to around $27 per person for the all-day charter bus rental. The church group is delighted that the charter bus can pick them up directly at the church. The bus has restrooms, WiFi, and video options to make the drive through the mountains more comfortable. At the end of the perfect day exploring the Rocky Mountains, the group happily tips their exceptional charter bus team 10%, bringing their total trip cost to $1,045.

Example #5:

A bride and groom are getting married in downtown Denver and hosting their reception at the Botanic Gardens. With over 200 guests attending from out of town, they know they need transportation arrangements. They decide to book two 56-passenger charter buses to shuttle guests between the hotel, ceremony, and reception. The charter bus company quotes them $165 per hour for each bus. They book the buses for 5 hours – 2 hours before the ceremony to shuttle early guests, 1 hour for continuous loops during the ceremony, and 2 hours after for transportation to the reception. With the 5 hour rental of 2 buses, their total charter bus cost comes to $1,650. They tip 10% at $165 for excellent service. Their total cost for reliable, comfortable transportation for their wedding party was $1,980. The charter buses allow the bride, groom, and all their guests to enjoy the special day without worrying about logistics.

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